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Coming Soon: the Rare Ra’dagio!

Coming Soon: the Rare Ra’dagio!

  • Vainglory
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  • Oct 25, 2017

The Horus King awakens the Sun God and demands help for his people – but it will all be for naught if they cannot defeat the Guardian. Read on to discover more about Ra’dagio!



  • Scarab & snake decorations
  • Talons on hands and feet
  • Pharaoh’s headdress & golden armor on arms, legs, head & wings
  • Wesekh collar


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The Sun God Awakens

There was no sign of the guardian in the buried dark, only the smell of ancient magic. The Horus King’s torch cast an eerie glow over glyphs carved into the walls depicting forgotten wars and warning visitors.

Through the labyrinthine mastaba the king traversed. Again and again he turned around at the sealed door to a tomb of one or another of his ancestors, pharaohs all, until he could no longer recall the direction of the obelisk. He trained his mind away from confusion and pushed forward into the heavy silence.

At last he discovered the base of the obelisk. The Horus King placed his hand at the center of a sun glyph and the great door opened down into the floor. Sand poured down as the obelisk trembled and changed shape. The pyramidion high above turned and opened to the bright hot sky. The Horus King stepped inside the obelisk, now illuminated with sunlight, and approached the dais where the sun god laid motionless.

The Horus King waited as the sun bathed Ra’s resting form. From above, bright-colored sand blew in through the windows and swirled down.

At last, Ra awakened. He sat up, sand falling from his headdress and coating the ever-youthful skin of his chest, arms and legs. In the sunlight he was a sparkling vision. The Horus King bowed to his beauty and power, his head down, until Ra touched him on the shoulder.

“Why has the Horus King awakened the Sun God?” asked Ra. Behind his voice was ill-concealed laughter.

“The Glass City has fallen to a great power,” said the Horus King. His voice, though muted behind his mask, was grave. “Our people have fled to the desert.”

“From where came this power?” asked Ra.

“From the Fabled Well,” answered the Horus King. “Poisonous and wild things have emerged from its depths that we have never seen.”

“The Churn has come,” sighed Ra. “You should have awakened me sooner.”

“Your temple was buried in a sandstorm brought on by this Churn,” said the Horus King.

“Your only hope now lies in your children’s children,” said Ra. “When the Churn has passed, they will unearth from the wreckage of the Glass City your people’s writings, art, architecture and bones.”

“No,” said the Horus King. “We will fight this Churn, you and I.”

Ra laughed. “Such pride!”

“You built the Fabled Well long ago to fight this Churn. Since then, my people have learned much about magic, technology, and other powers. Something new can be done.”

“Very well,” said the Sun God, impressed despite himself. “I will travel with you to the Glass City and see –”

He was interrupted by a rumbling growl from the tombs.

“You have not yet defeated the guardian?” scoffed the Sun God.

The Horus King drew his spear. Without answering, he left the bright obelisk and followed the terrifying noise into the dark tomb.


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